21 Century Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

For More Info and Distribution Opportunities:

Contact Name: Brent Duke

Contact Website: www.21CenturySmoking.com

Contact Phone Number 312-823-2244

Contact Email [email protected]

The 21 Century Smoking Difference:

  • 24/7 Toll Fee Hotline
  • Lifetime Warranty on Batteries
  • 6 Nicotine Strengths
  • Over 60 Flavors of E-Liquid
  • Over 20 Cartridge Flavors
  • 8 Battery Colors
  • Private Labeling Available

Big Slick:

  • 1300 mAh battery (mAh is a measurement of battery life)
  • Average cigarette-sized ecig is 250 mAh
  • Big Slick will last 5 times longer than an average electronic cigarette
  • 2 pack/day smoker needs 4 standard batteries to make it through a day
  • 2 pack/day smoker can go all day on 1 charge with a Big Slick!
  • Kit includes 1 1300 mAh battery, 1 USB charger, 1 refillable clearomizer, and 1 10 ml bottle of eliquid
    (approximately 1 carton of standard cigarettes).

21 Century Smoking Liquid:

  • We have been selling e-liquid since 2010!
  • The 2 main advantages of 21 Century Smoking e-liquid are flavor and cost
  • Liquid in a clearomizer has a much more pure flavor than liquid in a cartridge
  • 1 10 ml bottle of liquid is the equivalent of 10 pre-filled cartridges or 1 carton of cigarettes!
  • Childproof caps
  • We offer over 60 flavors in 6 strengths (36 mg, 24 mg,
  • 16 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg, 0 mg)


  • Not ready for liquid-based ecigs, we still have you covered with our top of the line Blackjack e-cigarette
  • Choice of 8 colors
  • Same 6 strength options, including both 36 and 0 mg of nicotine
  • 20 flavors of cartridges come in 4 color options


  • Looking for another kind of hit, we have top of the line vaporizers as well!
  • The Hatchup and the Jackpot offer two great top of the line options in vaporizers

Hatchup is our newest offering

  • Two threading options make Hatchup clearomizer compatible with most ecigs
  • Great packaging, very small shelf footprint
  • Patent pending double filter design for solids; filters more ashes; much cleaner smoke
  • Convex heating chamber holds .3 grams of solids
  • Press in the unique mouthpiece to push the herb closer to the heating element, get another hit without ever opening the chamber!
  • Uneven surfaces between base and chamber makes it super easy to put herbs into Hatchup
  • Inhale at a low temperature with ceramic heating module which minimizes combustion; vapor cools in glass chamber before being filtered again, preventing any chance of particles getting in your mouth
  • Comes apart easily, making it easy to clean
  • Very durable build and solid design
  • High grade stainless steel to extend the life of your product and eliminate rust and dents
  • Heating element is made of low resistance Kanthal wire which ensures fast heating times, letting you vape in a matter of seconds

Jackpot is our longest lasting battery

  • Good for a thousand hits!
  • Compatible with both Blackjack and Big Slick clearomizers, true dual use ecig