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+2 is the hottest CBD manufacture in the country right now. The +2 product assortment is one of the most unique and innovative product mix in any industry and certainly the most unique CBD assortment you can buy. We develop all of our products from the ground up and build nothing but the highest quality products available in the market today.

+2 was started to bring a tobacco alternative in the form of an herbal cigarette to smokers looking for something other than tobacco and nicotine. Our +2 Gold packs were developed to fill this need. Our Gold pack is made from a blend of herbs, teas and extracts and mimic’s the taste, smell and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette without any of the addictive nicotine.

Once our +2 Gold packs were launched we decided to take the product one step further and infused CBD into it. At this point we had a big hit. The CBD addition seemed to hit a cord with consumers, they immediately understood the benefits of adding CBD to a pre-rolled cigarette alternative and sales took off. Our pre-rolled smokes are designed to taste and smell like traditional tobacco and give a moderate throat hit, comparable to a standard gold cigarette. Customers repeatedly comment on how much they enjoy the aroma of the smoke, a sweet tobacco smell. Unlike other hemp cigarette on the market our pre-rolls do not contain any hemp so they smell and taste like traditional tobacco not marijuana.

With the success of the CBD infused pre-rolled smokes we decided to launch our vape and tincture product line. All of our oils use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients with state of the art binders for best absorption and properly aged flavoring. Given that EVERYONE has an oil line why would anyone want or need our oil products? Plain and simple PRICE. We are the most competitively priced CBD oil product line available in the market today. Give consumers an affordable, high quality product that retailers and wholesalers can still make the same margins as the high priced ones and you have a win, win, win product and a customer that will go out of their way to visit a store for the “best price in town”. All of our oil products are made with CBD isolate that is third party tested and all certificates of analysis are available to down load off our web site. Price, quality and service is what +2 is all about.

What is to come? Product development is underway on several new and unique items. First to come will be a mouth spray that will allow consumers to use a spray bottle similar to a breath freshener to take advantage of the cheek membranes for superior absorption and ease of use. We will have a peppermint flavor in a 200mg dose 15ml bottle. We are very excited about this new product and should be available very soon. Topical products are also on the way. We will start with a cream ointment and then a roll on, both of which will be aggressively priced to make them affordable as well as profitable.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Kevin Aldridge
PO Box 376
Birmingham, MI 48012
Phone 248-379-5357