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Top Secret Male Max Driver is the most effective supplement for a man that needs more when he demands it. Now in three variations! Top Secret Male Red when you want to be ready for an encounter at a moments notice. With just a little stimulation you will rise immediately to the occasion. You’re good for up to 72 hours with Red. Top Secret Male Blue is for immediate action. Blue will have you hard and pumping in minutes. Top Secret Male Bonus Pak is the best of both worlds. You get one Red and one Blue so you are prepared when an opportunity comes along. No matter what capsule you chose you can expect a harder and longer lasting reaction than normal to allow you to not only go the duration and then some but with more pleasurable results. These capsules create a more intense libido.

WARNING: Do not take both capsules at the same time!





ErectZ is All NaturalA�

Try ErectZ if you’re looking for a Safe,A�Simple, Effective, All Natural Male supplementA�that lasts upto 72hrs. ErectZ offers fast actingA�effects and gives improved stamina withinA�minutes of taking. (Safe with Alcohol too!)


MAKE A GREAT RETURN WITH REPEAT SALES!!A�As low as $2.60 per pack /A�Retail at $6.99 POP displays available.

Call: 866-241-9892 or

Email:A�[email protected]

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New C-Strong libido energy drink.


Great tasting light citrus flavor! 94% consumerA�taste approval! Contains Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root,A�L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris Eye catching canA�and logo design stands out from all other energy drinks!A�Excellent customer service, great prices! Contact usA�at (719) 238-1664 or by EmailA�[email protected]






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