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Wholesale Gun Dealers

Wholesale Firearm Retailers

In many states around the world, owning a gun for self-protection or sports hunting is allowed. If you plan to start a gun dealership business, you need to create a cordial relationship with wholesale dealers. This requires you to look for a reputable wholesale dealer that you can work with. You are likely to get good discounts and offers to get you started in the guns business.

Do not rush for the listings you saw online. There is a pretty high chance that a good number of the companies in the list have changed location, business, and the contact information. Thus, they are not reliable sources of credible information.

Talk to retail gun dealers around

Most of the of the gun retailers get their guns and ammunition from wholesale gun retailers and not directly from distributors and manufacturers. You will get lots of information on the dealers that supply them with the guns. You just pose as a client that is interested in guns and gather as much information as you need. Visit several stores and get names of different gun wholesale dealers in the regions.

Contact the manufacturers of known gun brands

Most gun manufacturers would be willing to give you information about the supply chain in the hope that you will also join the supply chain (helps in pushing the sales volumes) Many of them give the information freely on their websites. Download the list and contact the companies for some business. You will have to repeat the procedure for different gun manufacturers (unless you plan to have one type of a gun).

Search for them online

Many of the wholesale gun dealers are online. It is recommended that you limit your search to a given city or region which you are located. You get relevant results -companies that you can walk to and view their offering and contacts you can use to call the gun wholesale dealers. The good thing with online search is that you get to view the product list if the seller has a website and can make a decision.


Join one of the main gun forums to get names of the leading gun dealers in your areas. The forums give you other users’ opinions of the gun brands as well as the gun sellers. If you do not get lots wholesale gun dealers, you can get quality information on gun dealers who will then lead you to wholesale gun dealers.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!