Mr. Checkout is a national network of full-line distributors, independent wagon-jobbers and wholesalers. We distribute product to approximately 40,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking a great deal on closeout, wholesale and overstock product liquidations. If you have a product that you’re looking to liquidate, we want to hear from you!

liquidation closeout wholesale
closeout liquidation wholesale

As a wholesaler, Mr Checkout can offer liquidation closeouts of cosmetics overstock, from major retail stores. With over 1,000 distributors and 40,000 retail stores, we are able to selectively place your overstocked closeout merchandise that you are looking to liquidate.

We can broker the purchase of your cosmetics closeouts, and then re-wholesale them to many outlets throughout the U.S. We work with mixed lots of wholesale cosmetics that are great sellers to our network of distributors, independent store owners and flea market vendors.

At Mr. Checkout, we understand that your overstock cosmetics pallets, contain cosmetics items and in turn can be resold for serious money. That’s why we selectively broker each transaction of cosmetics closeouts into an assortment of different categories.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!