Vape Distributors

Vape Distributors

Mr. Checkout Distributors is a network of independent distributors who service convenience stores, tobacco shops, vape shops and independent grocers. Vaping has become a major trend that is here to stay. Beyond a fad, vape shops can be seen in every city around the world. If you have a vape oil, vaporizer or other vaping product compete the product submit form to setup an appointment with us today.

All About Vape Distribution

Vape Distribution

The numerous vape oils, vape kits or ecigs can overwhelm any store owner. Independent distributors or wagon jobbers are able to go into these stores to refill their drinks, food items or other sundries. With this existing relationship they are in a position to introduce a new line of vape oil or vape supplies where many aren’t.

The dizzying array of tanks, atomizers and e-juices can boggle the mind. Conventions like ECC have become major events with the mainstreaming of this trend. Vape oil and e-juice lines are big business and demand big respect. Selecting the right line of e-juice for a store can be guess and repeat without a trusted advisor.

As the vape industry gets regulated at the federal level we see more companies focused on distributing their own line of e-liquids and e-juices. Distributors that visit vape shops and smoke shops often care about one thing, how much money they can make selling your product. That’s why it’s important to pay attention the the margins for distributors.

When seeking out new distributors for your vape products, e-juice or electronic cigarettes, keep in mind that it is not simply a one time sale, you are building a relationship that can last years. At first just as approaching any new relationship it’s always a good idea to give before asking for something. For vape oil or e-liquids, send some to the distributor to test in his stores before he agrees to buy a master case. Only when you start to build this kind of relationship can you scale your business with independent distributors that visit vape shops.

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