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Funny Licenses and Greeting Cards: Hilarious funny Drivers Licenses will spark instant sales at any retail store, these Funny Drivers Licenses include jokes on the front as well as the backs. These licenses are printed on a quality plastic the size of your own driver’s license.

Adorable Greeting Cards: These adorable greeting Cards are geared towards Birthdays with hilarious jokes on the front as well as the inside, these cards also include a funny drivers licenses that are attached to the card that can be taken off the card and used for jokes to friends, Hey and may even get a laugh from a policeman.

Imaginary Kidz Christmas Items: Just amazing line of Christmas toys.

Reindeer on the Roof: Children put their Christmas List into the Reindeers saddle bag, when they fall asleep their Reindeer flies to the North Pole to Drop off their letter directly to Santa. When your child awakens they find a letter from the big guy himself.

Tracker Santa’ Puppy: Yes Santa now has this adorable little puppy named Tracker, and guess what, this little fluff ball has is Santa’s helper. This little guy will sniff you and his magic ears will pop up and tell you if you have been Naughty or Nice.

Santa’s magic ball: With just 1 shake this magic CRYSTAL BALL will tell you if you are misbehaving. Just ask a question to this ball and 1 shake and find your answer.

North Pole Snow Monster: this adorable Creature is a good Monster. He protects the North from evil creatures that maybe in the area. He is Santa’s Protector.

Adopt an Elf: These cute little elves are ready to help you stay on the nice list.

North Pole Newspaper: 16 page full color newspaper from the North. Learn all the facts and the happenings of what is going on at the North Pole.

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