Distribute The Minger

Utra-fine quality microfiber – for thorough cleaning of the screen. Bio-degradable silicon gel side – for convenient sticking onto back of mobile device. Reusable – just drop it in the laundry for cleaning, wait until dry then use and stick back again. The Back-Card folds into a business card size storage case to store in wallet or purse. Cleans smudges, smear marks and dirt from mobile device screens.

The Style of Clean
Where have your phone been through the course of a day? Research shows the mobile phones are extremely susceptible to attracting bacteria and germs. With the Minger cleaning your mobile device, you’ll be combating bacteria and germ effectively and with style.


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Our goal and mission here at Yabnib, Inc. are focused at producing innovative products for the mobile device industry. Quality and consumer service are our top priorities. We strive to make the mobile experience better and more efficient. Yabnib, Inc., is your peace of mind.

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