Candied Jalapenos (Regular), Candied Jalapenos (Hotter), Sweet & Spicy Pickles, Candied Jalapeno Seasoning

Sweet Heat Peppers, LLC is a locally famous company based out of Omaha, NE. We started making our signature product, Candied Jalapenos, in our very own kitchen and selling at local farmer’s markets. We’ve grown out of our kitchen into a co-packer and have added our other three products, Candied Jalapenos Hotter, Sweet & Spicy Pickles, and our Candied Jalapeno Seasoning.

All of our products are very versatile. With our peppers you can create a wonderful “Sweet Heat Dip” using cream cheese. We’ve also been told of uses from yogurt, ice cream and eggs, to chili’s, stews, salads and marinades. Our pickles can be used with cream cheese and dried beef on tortilla shells for a great roll-up recipe. They can also be used on sandwiches, brats, egg salad and stir fry. The Candied Jalapeno Seasoning can be made into a chip dip with sour cream, it also makes a great rub for meats, topping on eggs, salad, and our favorite, popcorn.

All products are gluten and fat free.

What customers are saying!

When told where they could pick some up, “I would drive further than that to feed my need for Sweet Heat” V.B. – Omaha, NE

“We bought some of your peppers at the Farmers Market and LOVED them” T.G. Omaha, NE

“We really enjoy your product and are anxious for more.” A.G. – Omaha, NE

“Yummy concoction” V.M – Broomfield, CO

“If the jalapenos are sold in any of the market stores in the area I would certainly buy them from there as well!” K.S. – Omaha, NE

“I purchased a case of ‘relish’ from you 2 weekends ago in the old market in Omaha. I was the one afraid to try it, only buying ONE for my son. Then tried your dip and bought a CASE.” L.W. – Sioux City, IA

“Thanks! And YUM YUM! Great JOB. Love it!” L.W. – Sioux City, IA

From a certified chef “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your product and I would love to purchase some directly…” M.M. – Omaha, NE

“Love your peppers” Numerous

“I don’t do farmers markets but was wondering if your product is available anywhere in Omaha so I could purchase more of it.” A.J. – Omaha, NE

“I eat these peppers on almost everything…Please let me know how I can keep this Delicious flavor going!” L.D. – Omaha, NE

“What stores can I get these in” Numerous

Current Penetration of Product – Products are currently sold in the Midwest with some outlining states included. Stores include Hy-Vee’s, No Frills, Bag N Save, Fareway, and Reasors just to name a few.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Josh Merchant
Sweet Heat Peppers, LLC
P.O. Box 641684
Omaha, NE 68164
Phone 402-522-6602
E-mail: [email protected]