Supplement Center, LLC

About the Supplement Center LLC

By working closely with nature to remember our human essence, and then combining the latest, cutting-edge technologies to unlock our unlimited potential, Supplement Center creates the most advanced, effective, profitable and responsible mood enhancing supplements on the market.

Supplement Center, LLC is a vertically integrated national manufacturer of mood enhancing supplements and nutraceuticals. We complete every step of taking a concept through R&D, formulation, testing and manufacturing in-house. This gives us an unprecedented control of not only the efficacy and quality of each product, but also the highest profitability for our distribution partners. When we say, “No one can manufacture a better product for less.”, it’s because we do it all ourselves and pass the savings onto our customers.

All Supplement Center Products:

Use only FDA approved supplements.
Are completely legal in all 50 states
Come with the only product sell-through guarantee in the industry.
Are made in the USA

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Ken Affolter
Supplement Center
9107 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 450
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Phone 310-623-4546
Email [email protected]