Steel Seal – Creates a hardened seal in the damaged area of a blown head gasket..

Product Description:  

Steel Seal is a unique mixture of chemicals that react when exposed to a high combination of heat and pressure that in turn creates a hardened seal in the damaged area of a blown head gasket. Steel Seal will work on all vehicles with a water cooled system, regardless if the vehicle is petrol or diesel. This includes scooters, cars, vans, tractors and even boats.

The mantra of the brand is getting our customers back on the road and allow those people who cannot afford the high cost of a mechanical repair ($800-$1000) a viable and affordable alternative. We will always recommend a mechanical repair to our customers but some families simply cannot afford this cost, yet they cannot afford to have their vehicle off the road as they need to get to work, get the kids to school etc.

While there seems to be similar products on the market, Steel Seal has established itself as a leading global brand through our belief in customer service, marketing and our money back guarantee.

Many people believe that a ‘liquid head gasket’ fix cannot work, however Steel Seal has been repairing vehicles for over 18 years and is the world’s number 1 head gasket repair product. Steel Seal has a proven 99% success rate on all vehicles with a water cooled system. Selling Steel Seal is as much about education as it is sales whether it is to trade or retail. Trade customers need to be educated on why Steel Seal is better than its competitors, why it commands a higher price than any other liquid head gasket repair product and that the technical support that a customer receives is the highest standard in the market.

We offer a great deal of support to all of our brand partners and we hope to work with you in the future.

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