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Green Coffee Bean Extract
45% Chlorogenic Acid

Green coffee beans, also known as “unroasted” coffee have received major media attention due to their special extract of pure chlorogenic acid. Once heated, coated or processed, the health benefits of the chlorogenic acid become minimized. Based on recent studies, green coffee bean extract helps to manage weight and healthy blood sugar levels. The studies indicate that it inhibits the amount of glucose (sugar) uptake into the bloodstream while reducing sugar absorbtion through the intestines.

Obesity is now known to be a chronic disease. Research supports that adipose (fat) tissue is not only a fat storage, but an active enocrine organ capable of disrupting normal metabolic balance and causing degenerative disease. Green coffee bean extract has polyphenols which act to help reduce free oxygen radicals in the body, enhance metabolism, decrease lipogenesis (the formulation of fat) and inhibit weight gain.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been shown to:
• Speed up the rate of metabolic fat burning
• Help reduce the size of fat cells
• Help control appetite

Dr. Oz Show Summary:

Dr. Oz featured green coffee bean extract in a recent program as a “belly-blasting” supplement. This was based on partcipants using the products who lost an average of 17 pounds and 16% body fat. He suggested it is safe and effective, with no adverse side effects.