Southco Distributing Co. is relatively young in comparison the majority of distribution companies. Only being established in 1981 and after 20 years of service the company was developing in size. That is what led them to the occupation of their current location in Goldsboro, NC.

They are listed within the top 30 privately owned businesses in the state of North Carolina and all of it is done from their Goldsboro location. From this location, they are able to deliver to each of the states within their distribution range. The states they serve include; North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia.

They dedicate their success to the establishment of good relationships in every section of business. Specifically through the determination of employees, vendor partners and their continued loyalty to their customers, Southco is able to provide quality service to all of their customers.

As well, they have a fleet of modern trucks that they are proud to say are equipped with some of the most advanced technology available. Outfitted with onboard mobile communication, they have a satellite tracking system with dashboard displays. These features help to display real-time information to each of their customers.

Southco also prides themselves in the training of their drivers. They promote the idea that if you have any questions during the time of delivery, these drivers will be able to assist your every need.

Without their strong commitment to success, Southco is the #1 grocery wholesale distributor within their service area. Following is a list of some of the business units of Southco;


Warehouse and Merchandising

As per standard of distributors, Southco offers an extensive WAM program that is exclusively offered in their areas. While remaining in a small market, it promotes national programs which can assist in bringing you all the quality products that you want to fill your shelves. They cooperatively work with 23 other national distributors to bring you the opportunity to increase your in-store sales.

To further their coverage Southco offers numerous plan-o-grams to fit specific customer needs. All of their plan-o-grams are custom designed using movement history, industry date and regional trends.



On top of products used to fill the shelves, they provide a credible foodservice program. This program allows the customer to be able to provide products that are ready to serve. Their food service products include; sub express, pizza programs, Day N Bites and fried chicken.


Customer Assistance

Southco attempts to be on top of things by visiting each customer’s location every 2 weeks. As well as this they provide other services vital to a customer’s business becoming successful. 1st is their promotions program with which they educate customers how to advertise and merchandise all the new products within their store-front.  Accompanying this is their store merchandising program which helps to optimize store profits.


Contact us by phone at: (800) 969-3172, or locally at (919) 735-8012
Southco Distributing Company
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