SNORenz® Lubricating Throat Spray

SNORenz® lubricating throat spray is an effective, easy to use snoring remedy that simply works! SNORenz® offers pleasant relief from disruptive and uncomfortable snoring. An all natural and effective combination of E Vitamins, B6 and Natural Oils is administered direct to the throat’s soft palate (uvula), gently lubricating the area prone to vibration and reducing snoring noise. As a spray alternative SNORenz® removes the need to swallow and digest large, uncomfortable pills that can have a delayed and variable effect. Its fine mist moistens the soft palate instantly, providing lubrication, while its natural peppermint extract aids fresh breath and combats the morning after sluggishness of most snoring medication. SNORenz® natural spray formula gets to the source of the problem, where the vibrations occur, helping you & your partner get the rest you need when you need it most. SNORenz® – The name says it all!

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