Slim Jim beef jerky Information

Slim Jim beef jerky is a product manufactured by a company called “Slim Jim”. Slim Jim beef jerky comes in five flavors original, chili pepper ,Jalapeño, habanero and teriyaki. It refers to chili pepper flavors making up the products distinct taste and texture as “kinda hot”, Jalapeno as “freakin hot” and habanero as “really freaking hot”. Slim Jim’s beef jerky original flavor has no vitamin A, vitamin C or calcium but has 15% iron and 140 calories in a serving. Slim Jim also has a variety of meat products and flavors and spiciness. The other flavors Slim Jim manufactures are “cracking pepper”, “hickory smoked”, “honey BBQ”, “Jamaican jerk”, “kickin carne asada”, “maple flavored”, “mild”, “nacho”, “pepperoni”, “smokin mesquite”, “sweet and hot”, “tangy BBQ flavor”, “Tabasco spiced”, “twisted teriyaki” and “zesty garlic”. Slim Jim also uses a variety of promotions such as battlefield four battle packs with codes found in their products and users who create a message causing the company to send a packet of Slim Jim to the troops.

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