Skuzion is a revolutionary natural energy enhancing cream.

Skuzion is a revolutionary energy cream. Yes! a cream. Its applied topically similar to sunscreen. Its long lasting, convenient, and no crash. Its great for running, working out, outdoor activities, studying, or helping stay awake while driving.   Its not oral , therefore no bad taste. No calories or jacked up feeling either.

No Crash • No calories • All Natural • Vegan • Increase Mental Focus

As the makers of Skuzion we were searching for a way of introducing energy to the body without all of the sugar, bad taste, and calories of ingested products.

Not Oral

Skuzion is not orally consumed and is a new way to give you the energy you need, when you need it! The potent blend of natural products, green tea, guarana and caffeine boost the body and mind.

Long Lasting

With Skuzion you will find it has smooth, long lasting energy without the crash. Once Skuzion is applied to the skin it will provide you with a long lasting energy without the jacked up feeling and then the crash.

No Crash

Historically generations have effectively placed substances on the skin to successfully achieve a broad range of therapeutic effects without the oral consumption of ingredients. Now with skuzion you can get that boost of energy topically with hours of energy and no crash.


Skuzion comes in ready to go small packets. Put them in your purse, backpack, lunch box, and have it ready for whenever you need. Use it for Running, working out, outdoor activities, studying for exams, help staying awake while driving.

Skuzion is super convenient and can be used without consuming anything orally.

Skuzion gives the energy you need, reduces food craving, and is great for weight loss.

• Use it for Running, working out, outdoor activities, studying for exams, help staying awake while driving,
• No jacked up feeling, no crash, just all day energy
• No calories, no bad taste, why—you don’t eat it
• Great for when at work (fireman, nurses, long days at the office)
• Skuzion offers similar advantages of energy drinks but without the bad taste, sugar, calories

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