Shoe Fresh Odor Killer

Shoe Fresh is a revolutionary, plant based, non-toxic odor control that works by engulfing offensive odors and neutralizes them through oxidation!

Shoe fresh is a natural shoe deodorizer or foot deodorant spray for athletes or anyone with stinky feet, shoes or gear! Kills odor and stink from bacteria and sweat. Use on feet, shoes, socks, gloves, and all athletic gear.

Fights foot and shoe odor, freshens feet, sport shoes, socks and sneakers. Deodorant spray for spray on feet and use as a deodorizer directly in/on shoes, gloves, gear etc.

Ideal for any athlete, runners, including cyclists, hikers and skiers.

Will not replace one smell for another like all other “minty based sprays” on the market! If it is working you can’t smell anything either good or bad!

Made in the U.S. of natural ingredients, no harsh or toxic chemicals.

Available in 1 Oz (120 Sprays!) Travel Size & 8 Oz Team Size

While this video is really funny, it shows that stinky feet really are a problem. Now, with Shoe Fresh you can deoderize your shoes, socks or even feet with a few pumps of our patented spray. Non-Toxic and made from plants, Shoe Fresh will guarantee you never win the “Stinky Feet contest” with your team.

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