Apply to be on Shark Tank

Apply to be on ABC’s Shark Tank

So you want to be on “Shark Tank.” How do you get there?

How to get your product on ABC’s hit pitch show “Shark Tank”.

If your product is accepted to be featured on “Shark Tank”, you will have millions of dollars of marketing exposure at no cost to you.  The opportunity is two-fold.  First, if the Sharks make you a deal, your chance of success is almost guaranteed.  But if you do not get the deal you are seeking, the exposure from the show will thrust your product into a new world of opportunity that will give you the national recognition that money just can’t buy.  It is a win-win.

It is not easy to get accepted with thousands of applicants and only a handful picked for each week’s episode. ABC is flooded with applications for “Shark Tank” and your chance of getting on the show will improve with the information you will receive here.  So read on!

Jamie Siminoff is the inventor of video doorbell DoorBot app and a fifth season contestant.  His application to “Shark Tank” in 2013 included completing a very long application which included questions about the DoorBot business idea, business operations, and his plan for growth. With the submission of a homemade video pitch, the producers expressed interest in DoorBot.  That pitch landed him a spot on “Shark Tank”.

Siminoff was asking for $700K for a 10% share.  His product helps homeowners identify visitors by a streaming live video of the front door.  This video is viewed to a smartphone or tablet.  The deal was not made by the Sharks but with a very strong presentation on “Shark Tank”, he did receive nods of approval from the Sharks.

Here are Siminoff’s top behind the scene tips for getting your company on “Shark Tank”.

  1.  Your pre-show pitch needs to be down-to-earth and relaxed.

The producers are looking for contestants that are personable and will be comfortable in front of a national TV audience…and the Sharks.  Keep your video simple but entertaining, energetic but most of all, down to earth.  Submit the application with your home made video… not need to an expensive production.

  1. A one-liner that is entertaining is a must.

At the end of Siminoff’s pith, his casually said “Sharks, invest in me and the next time you hear a ‘ding,’ it’ll be a ‘cha-ching.”  He feels that this one-liner is the reason that the “Shark Tank” producers called him back.  The point is you have to smart about your product and entertaining.  His one-liner made was fantastic and the Shark’s loved it!

  1. Invest time in preparing for the show.

Siminoff estimated that he spent as much as a month preparing for his presentation on Shark Tank.  He watched 4 seasons of “Shark Tank” and reviewed every possible question the Sharks threw to the contestants.  The preparation work was extensive and even though it took valuable time from his everyday work with his company, it pays off in the end.  When in front of the Sharks, the questions come fast and you have to be prepared.  It is live TV.  You get one chance to make it right.

A little know secret is that even if you do get on the “Shark Tank”, and film a segment, it does not insure that your segment will be aired.  The producers film more segments than are seen.  Yes, you could go through months of preparation, get accepted, do your presentation in front of the Sharks and still, not been seen on the hit show.  “If we didn’t air I wouldn’t say it would have been devastating,” Siminoff reflects, “but it would have been pretty bad.”   Sure this is a time consuming and challenging event for you and your business, but the rewards, if accepted and aired are beyond any entrepreneur’s wildest dreams for his or her business.