The Screen Shinner TM

CLEANS and SHINES phone screens on the GO WHEREVER you GO

Easy to Use

No liquid necessary

Portable: easy to carry.

Reusable: economical.

Re-washable: after many uses.

Promotes cellular phone cleanliness

Less strain on eyes with cleaner screen – revolutionizing the way people look at their phone screens ™

Distributors’ advantages may  include:

1- A useful novelty with high  margin.

2 – Is not in most stores – yet.  You could be one of the first to introduce it in your area.

3 – Is for mass consumption, most people own a mobile phone, mean most customer are potential buyers.

4 – Free shipping on Master Cases within contiguous US states.

5 – Financing may be available for those who qualify ( for US distributors only).

6 -and much more…

Made with High Technology and Highest Quality materialsSafe NON-Toxic

Contact:  Al Soler    

1-855-6-SHINER   /     1-855-674-46337    

[email protected]

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