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Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals Founded in 2012, Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a consumer pharmaceutical company that markets innovative, OTC pain relief and related topically administered products.

Predator Pain Relief Cream

You do not need a prescription to purchase Predator™ (Lidocaine 4%) for your personal use. This is the highest strength, topical analgesic available without a prescription. Predator™ not only contains the maximum over-the-counter strength of lidocaine allowed by the US FDA but also six more ingredients known for pain relief, joint strengthening, skin permeating and swelling reducing.

The active ingredients in this unique, highly effective formula are all clinically shown to both reduce inflammation as well as dramatically reduce pain for up to six hours. Unlike most other OTC topical formulas, Predator™ actually blocks the nerve signals that tell the body to sense pain. Predator™ utilizes a unique delivery system that permeates the skin allowing the medication to go deep into the affected painful area. Most other topical formulas contain ingredients known as counter irritants. Counter irritants cause the skin to feel either hot or cold as opposed to actually blocking the nerve sensors that signal pain.

There are prescription products that contain lidocaine (the primary active ingredient in Predator™) for personal use. The lidocaine patch is one commonly prescribed form that provides lidocaine through an adhesive bandage-like material which is affixed to the skin for up to six hours at a time. The package insert warns of skin irritating side effects not found in Predator™ Pain Relief Cream. The lidocaine patches are very conspicuous and many think look unseemly for everyday use. Moreover, lidocaine patches cost up to $8.00 retail per application as opposed to less than 33 cents per recommended dose of Predator™ (see our comparison between the patch delivery system and our cream based delivery system).

In addition to the primary active ingredient, lidocaine, Predator™ also contains MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, EMU oil, arnica Montana and ethoxydiglycol. All of these ingredients have shown clinical evidence of one or more of the following affects:

Pain relief
Inflammation reduction
Joint strengthening
Skin conditioning
Skin permeation

Predator™ can be used for the following:

Minor joint pain
Minor aches and pains
Tennis/golfers elbow
Minor insect bites
Back and neck pain
Minor sports injuries
Bumps and bruises
Knee and wrist pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain
And more…

Many people place a bandage over the affected area where they applied Predator™ to increase the pain relieving effect. We have heard reports of people effectively using this system; however, we at Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals do not recommend this method as it dramatically increases the amount of medication going into the system. Please consult your licensed physician before using this or any other drug in a manner different than suggested by the manufacturer.

Distributor Inquiries

Sambria™ Pharmaceuticals is available throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Our product lines are marketed to physician groups and practices primarily through medical device distributors as an ancillary revenue generating and physician relationship building tool. Sambria topical pain management medications are distributed through our current and continually growing medical device distributor channels directly to the clinical setting where the products are then sold directly to patients upon physician recommendation. Current products within the Sambria line are only offered within clinical settings upon physician recommendation and with direct physician to patient instruction. Our current products are lidocaine based, combined with a proprietary binary skin permeating driving system as well as human safe solvents and skin conditioners and are all over the counter (OTC).

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For more information regarding our products, investor relations, distribution opportunities or other business matters, please contact us at the number provided below:

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