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Route Business – Mission Tortilla, Chips, Dips & Wraps

Route Business for Sale: MISSION TORTILLA, CHIPS, DIPS & WRAPS – MISSION is the biggest brand in the Tortilla business.
Route includes protected stops in an exclusive territory. Great company support. Light product makes it E-Z to operate. Flexible schedule. Complete

training. Tremendous potential for growth with large territory. 16′ Box Truck is required. Fantastic opportunity. Other Bread routes available. About Mission: Gruma (BMV: GRUMA / NYSE: GMK) is the largest manufacturer of corn flour and tortillas in the world. Its brand names include Mission (MisiA?n in Mexico), Maseca, and Guerrero. Founded in 1949 as “Molinos Azteca, S.A.”, the company is now based in Monterrey, Mexico and has subsidiaries in the United States, China, England, Central America, and Venezuela. In the United States, Gruma is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Mission Foods has a wide range of tortilla options ranging from the traditional corn and flour tortillas to whole wheat and flavored varieties. Most of Mission Foods products are classified as Kosher. Mission also sells many types of tortilla chips. Become a Mission Foods Independent Distributor.
Want a chance to own your own business? Do you desire the opportunity to grow and develop an enterprise? Become a Mission Foods independent distributor. Mission Foods is one of the largest suppliers of tortillas in the U.S. We have opportunities in a number of markets in the United States.

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