Product Description: Edible Kit Rocky Road Fudge

Grassman Gourmet produces easy-to-use and ecofriendly fudge kits. We manufacture a unique, edible kit (in rocky road flavor) that allows consumers to make homemade edibles without the need for special equipment. If you have a microwave and a bowl you can use the kit. Also, the kit provides a special filter to allow for superb taste. No need to be a baker in order to prepare this simple dessert.

The kit of individually packaged, perfect portions (dry, shelf stable ingredients) produces a delicious, gluten free fudge. It tastes like rocky road ice cream but you can eat it with your hands. The kit just requires the addition of butter and a small amount of cannabis. It mixes up using the microwave (no bake recipe) and makes 8 servings. You will have homemade edibles in no time. The kit is packaged in an ecofriendly, compostable tin tie bag and the outer labels are printed with soy ink. Make your stomach happy with sweet treats and your heart happy with green practices.

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