rheliefRhelief – Developed by leading pain doctors.

Among scientifically proven fast-acting pain relievers, Rhelief is the only natural pain reliever that is clinically validated through peer-reviewed journals and formulated from effective natural ingredients. Rhelief is a true revolutionary breakthrough in natural pain management,  Created by nature. Perfected in the lab.

Big things come in small packages.  Each 2 oz. dose of Rhelief can help patients experience pain relief in minutes with results that last for hours.


Now in America’s Convenience Stores Nationwide…

Make Rhelief part of your daily regimen.  When taken via multi-dosage daily, Rhelief provides natural pain relief with no ill affects
to the body due to its all natural  formulation.
rh334Formulated for speed.
As a liquid dietary supplement, Rhelief
enters the bloodstream quickly and begins
relieving pain symptoms in a matter
of minutes.



The Rhelief Opportunity

dsc02770_1379342398The 200 million people in the United States who suffer from mild to moderate pain each month
are forced to make a complex perceptual calculation between the speed, strength, and duration
of pain relievers and their side effects (effectiveness vs. toxicity).

Within the $2 billion over-the-counter analgesics category (OTC) the only growth is innovation
to drive immediacy of relief like Tylenol Rapid Blast, Tylenol Rapid Release and the proliferation of
liquid gel caps. The category is becoming more commoditized as there is very little true product
benefit differentiation between brands (dosing mandated by FDA). Tylenol, Advil and Aleve spend
approximately 30% of their revenues to manufacture consumer perception of differences and
preference. There have not been any major advances in OTC pain relief since Aleve was introduced
in 1994 (with subsequent alarming side effects identified in 2004)

dsc02758_1379340030Over the last three years liquid supplements have mainstreamed by delivering on fast-acting
and perceived healthfulness by dramatically improving upon the value equation of sodas and
coffee as a source of energy by stripping out calories, liquid volume, and the “crash” (although
this is somewhat duplicitous as just removes the sugar crash and not the caffeine-fueled crash).
Red Bull improved the value equation of traditional caffeinated beverages by improving the
functionality of the product by upping caffeine dose and other herbal stimulants to build the
US energy drink category into a $4 billion category.

5-Hour Energy tweaked Red Bull’s value equation by stripping out calories and volume to create
the US energy shot category into a $2 billion category in its own right ($1 billion of those sales
are 5 Hour Energy’s alone).


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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
** Natural with articial sweeteners and colors. No calories. No sugars. No carbs.



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