Qu Chocolates – Qu Bars and Qu Cups

Qu Bars and Qu Cups.

Our Qu Bars are a healthy alternative to the traditional Crunch bar. They are chocolate bars made with all natural chocolate, organic crisped quinoa and natural flavors. The Qu Bars come in 5 flavors, Original, Tahitian Vanilla, Caramel, Espresso, and Ethiopian Spiced.

Our Qu Cups are nut butter cups infused with protein in the nougat and crisped quinoa in the chocolate coating. They are made with all natural chocolate, nut butters, organic sprouted brown rice protein, and organic crisped quinoa. The Qu Cups come in 3 flavors, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Cashew Butter.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Thai Demosthenes
Organic Studio 13
110 Kenyon Ave #13
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Email [email protected]
Website http://www.eatqu.com
Phone 508-840-7235