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Play Slip Numbers offers lottery numbers for a variety of the world’s official lotteries
and brings you the most up to date lottery results. Click on the lottery logos and the
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About Us

Playslip Numbers is a company that delivers quality lottery numbers for many of the major
worldwide lotteries. We sell online lottery numbers that are more likely to appear over
time than ordinary numbers, backed up by testable past results and a proprietary algorithm.

Press launches beta site, allows users to improve odds of winning the lottery

HOUSTON, TEXAS, August 1, 2012 – A new global lottery smart-pick system called Play Slip
Numbers ( users “smart” lottery numbers for forty-nine
lottery games worldwide. Today, its creators have announced the launch of the site in beta
test mode and encourage users to try out the site.

The system, created by a team of statisticians, researchers, and programmers, allows the
millions of people around the world who play the lottery to improve their odds of winning.
With just a few clicks, users can purchase sets of “smart” lottery numbers. “Simply put, we
created the site to see dreams of winning the lottery come true. We do not buy lottery
tickets for players, we provide non-random numbers for players to use when they fill out
their play slips,” says Jean Perro, a company representative.

So how does Play Slip Numbers’ website improve someone’s odds of winning the lottery? “The
complex algorithm we’ve created combines the best of all lotto systems to produce mega
winning lottery numbers,” Perro says. “Once numbers are received, they are instantly ready
to be placed on a lottery play slip.” Through the beta testing phase, the creators hope to
work out any kinks in the system. They do, however, predict that some users will receive
winning numbers –even in beta test mode. In fact, in the Results tab, Play Slip Numbers
lists their users and the amount of money they won.

Play Slip Numbers offers several options when players purchase their lottery numbers.
Lottery numbers can be made exclusive, which prevents another user from receiving the same
sets of numbers for up to one month. In addition, users can select to receive different
sets of numbers for six months with a subscription. Players can purchase sets of
5,10,20,50, or 100 numbers.

During and after beta testing, users will receive a personal code that will allow them to
invite friends once they sign up on the site. For every five friends that sign up, the user
who extended the invitation will receive a set of numbers for free, and users will be able
to see who actually signed up with their code. Even if users decide not to play their Play
Slip Numbers, it is entertaining to see if the numbers matched the official lottery winning

Play Slip Numbers is a TrusteCertified and Verisign Secured website.

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Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-752-7547 (PLA-SLIP)

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