Pick Proof Seals

Pick Proof Seals – Easy to use.  Simply thread the tail through the zippers, then through the hole in seal to lock. Remove the Unique ID receipt tab so you can compare numbers when you retrieve your bag to ensure that it is the same seal you attached. Each Seal has a Unique ID so no two seals are the same. To open, simply pull apart with your thumb, no keys, combos, or clippers required.

TSA Approved – no special tool or key required to open and no combo to remember.

These seals can NOT be picked and relocked without you knowing it like most padlocks can. CBS news reported that over 200 items are stolen every day from checked bags at New York’s JFK airport. When a thief sees a Pick Proof Seal he quickly moves on to an easier target.

So many uses for travelers: Checked Bags, Cruises, Concierge Desk, Purses, Bags in Hotel Room, etc..

Travel with extra Peace-of-Mind knowing that nobody can put something in your bag or take something out of it without you knowing it. Best theft deterrent on the market.  Safe travels everyone!

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