Oxypow Odorpow Sprays

Got Odors?…Get Oxypow!

Oxypow Odorpow Sprays are the perfect interior air space and fabric sanitizer and deodorizer. The sprays were developed and originally designed and formulated for use in eliminating the odor in ice hockey gear/equipment and gym/locker room facilities. If you have ever smelled that gear, or those locker rooms, you know how awful that odor is! However, since we launched, everyone has been using the Odorpow sprays for odor elimination in thousands of other ways with new ones coming in every day. The sprays can be used practically anywhere and on practically any fabric! If you have an airborne or fabric based odor you want eliminated use this spray! We design our spray products to be easy to use, fast and very safe for people, pets and the planet! No propellants, no CFC’s just pure odor eliminating muscle! Just simply spray the area, article of clothing or space desired and in a few single sprays the odor is completely eliminated just like the product name says. We offer the sprays in two sizes perfect for any application or use. We offer a 2 oz. bottle and a 16 oz. bottle. The smaller 2 oz. sized bottle fits easily in your purse, gear bag, glove box and almost anywhere life takes you. Our 16 oz. sprays are the largest sized bottle we offer and are perfect for equipment managers, janitorial services companies, large offices, public bathrooms, spa’s, gym’s, locker rooms, restaurant kitchens, garages or any large space.

Our sprays are specially formulated in aqueous ozonated water, special sanitizers and all natural scented conditioning oils to provide the best results possible. Our Odorpow sprays are 50 times stronger than chlorine bleach but the good news is they don’t damage things like bleach can! The Odorpow spray product line sanitizes at the molecular level and are unlike anything else you can get on the market today. Once the spray makes contact with the odor (bacteria, mold, virus or fungus) it literally is eliminated. All of this is done at the cellular level so all you are left is the great fragrance scent and no residues, toxins or bio-films remain. Our sprays sanitize and eliminate odors super-fast and efficiently right on contact. Just point and spray and the odor goes away!. We also are very proud that our sprays literally contain only 7 ingredients that’s it. All of our competition contain up to 87+ chemicals and most of them are all harmful to people, pets and the planet!

Our Odorpow sprays have been called “revolutionary” and “evolutionary” in the marketplace. Our products are made in the US and are always offered at the lowest price possible so they are super affordable, super effective and that makes a super value! Our sprays are exactly what you need for all your sports gear, auto interiors, offices and on any fabric or inside any interior air apace where you need odor eliminated! Our sprays come in several great fragrance scents that are super strong on odors but real easy on the senses…Order an Odorpow spray today and see what everyone is talking about!!!

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