OHHO Lash – False Eyelashes

  • OHHO Lash strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.
  • Create thickness, length and texture that lasts.
  • A classic, fully compact lash style or glamorous look.
  • Suitable for all eye shapes. Ideal for regular wear or a special occasion.

About OHHO False Eye Lashes

Our company knows that beauty is a weapon and how important a special day such as wedding or birthday party can be.  Everyone wants look amazing but some times,  beauty needs a little help.

We have created false eyelashes to be light weight and easy to  apply.  They are reusable, comfortable and blend with your own eyelashes.  They are 100% handmade plus displayed in a good looking package for your customers.

Our premium false eyelashes products are 1. Synthetic Fur 2. Mink .  Visit our website www.ohholash.com 

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

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Ohholash LLC
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Joliet, IL 60431
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