Shampoo Chili with Collagen

About Shampoo Chili with Collagen

Shampoo Chili with Collagen consists of 4 ingredients: Chili, Collagen, Rosemary and Arnica, all natural products.

Chili: Stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth; has a high content of vitamins A and C and minerals; rich in antioxidants; contains Capsaicin which increases blood circulation, helps strengthen and stimulates the scalp, preventing hair loss; eliminates scaling and oiliness.

Collagen: It’s a protein which provides firmness, elasticity, body and smoothness; strengthens hair from the root in order to avoid hair loss; promotes hair growth.

Rosemary: Helps to make hair smooth and silky; helps stimulate your scalp’s circulation that in-turn promotes new and faster hair growth.

Arnica: Leaves hair easy to comb, flexible, soft and shiny; antiseptic, thus reducing the possibility of formation of microorganisms.

Our labels are bilingual in English and Spanish, and soon to be in French.

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