Product Description
“Mugging” is a unique product line that virtually has no competition. Shirley J has developed a line of decadent bakery treats that you simply mix with water and microwave in a mug for 90 seconds. Our Mugging line includes 3 different product delivery types: single service envelopes, bulk canisters and a product that we call “Mugging On The Go”.
“Mugging” single serve envelopes are simple to use and so convenient. Just tear open the envelope place in any microwaveable mug (15 oz or greater), add water, stir and microwave. The rich indulgent cakes can be eaten as they are or get creative by allowing chocolate chips to melt on top of the warm cake after cooking, or by stirring in your favorite mix in (nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, raisins,fruit etc) before baking. Consider a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream on top as well. Floor displays are available
“Mugging” canisters, are the same great product as our envelopes, simply offered in a bulk canister for easy use and cost savings. Floor displays are available
“Mugging On The Go” was developed specifically for C-Stores and Vending. “Mugging On the Go” is sold in a disposable, microwaveable paper cup. These cups come complete with a counter-top display, if desired, for showcasing the product in C-Stores near the microwave for immediate baking. We find that many stores also sell a lot of product to customers who wish to use them later on. Either way they are absolutely delicious, fast and convenient, perfect for dorm rooms, after school snacks,lunch boxes and immediate use.

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