Movit Energy Gummies

Product Description:   Movit Energy, LLC

WHY MOVIT? We at MOVIT, pronounced “move-it”, are athletes that grew tired of what passed for an energy product. That is why we engineered MOVIT with real nutri-science to fight fatigue and fuel the athletes body. MOVIT Energy Gummies combat the three forms of fatigue, mental, muscular and cardio-vascular, in order to he help the athlete perform at an optimal level for an extended period of time. Our great tasting and low-calorie fuel provides the optimal blend of carbs and caffeine for any athlete. Try MOVIT Energy Gummies and feel why they help the body move “in fast-forward”!

Movit Energy Gummies are the perfect blend of carbs and caffeine, designed to help you enjoy and conquer any activity!

Natural caffeine from guarana = 1/3 cup coffee

High in B & C vitamins

Hearth healthy CoQ10

D-Ribose & Folic Acid

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