Mosquito Body Guard

Dreading Mosquito Season?

Don’t Spray Yourself With Chemicals.

Immunize Yourself With Biominerals.

Orally Administered Mineral Water Concentrate
All Natural Ingredients Include Powerful Biominerals
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers and Children

Mosquito Body Guard is mineral water that activates our innate immunity to mosquitoes.

Within minutes of taking Mosquito Body Guard it stimulates our immune system for protection from blood biting mosquitoes, blackflies, horseflies, & biting midges.

Mosquito Body Guard is an entirely natural mineral water concentrate with dynamically formulated biominerals. It stimulates the body’s immune system to create elevated levels of natural biochemical vapours from our skin. These vapours disrupt mosquito antennae receptors and effectively cloak us from their sight.

Biominerals support our health and are essential for our immune system.

A small dose protects you for hours.

It’s an orally administered mineral water concentrate with dynamically formulated biominerals. You could take the whole bottle at once but you only need a little to activate your body’s natural immunity to mosquitoes.

Unlike topical mosquito repellents you can swim for hours yet remain protected once you dry off. Water and sweat wash away or dilute the potency of chemical topical repellents. But water can’t wash away what’s coming from within us. A bonus, sweating makes Mosquito Body Guard more effective. Its our skin’s VAPOUR layer that shields us from Mosquitoes.

The Science Behind How It Works
Mosquito Body Guard works by triggering our skin’s immune system to create our own layer of protection.
Rothamsted Research Centre is one of the oldest agricultural research institutions in the world. In their work to develop insecticides for crops they developed insect repellent perfumes which disrupt the highly sensitive antennae of insects. This creates locational disorientation and “blindness” while these insects are in the presence of the vapours that carry the biochemicals.

In 2005, a group of scientists at Rothamsted verified that humans and most animals can produce similar protection vapours naturally from within the body’s immune system. These biochemicals, released as vapours from the skin, are able to cloak us from mosquitoes and other blood biting bugs.

Further work was done on this by Dr. James G. Logan and his team to create topical applications for humans. They published their research article in the Malaria Journal which shows how they tested topical applications that would cloak humans from blood biting bugs. However, in their findings the topical applications were too volatile, dissipating in a short period of time, making them non-viable for commercialization.

Our breakthrough came by looking at the challenge of delivery. While Logan’s research was limited to topical applications we asked a different question. What if we focused on the inside of the human body? What if we could jump start the body’s ability to create enough of these biochemicals so that the body could protect itself without the application of synthetic and harmful chemicals?

Mosquito Body Guard does just that. We use concentrated mineral water to deliver the dynamically formulated biominerals that activate our body’s immune system. Once activated, our immune system then produces biochemical vapours at the skin level, stopping mosquitoes and blood biting bugs from sensing us.

If they don’t land, they can’t bite! However, the occasional mosquito may land on the skin for a few seconds while they search for the chemical marker that indicates that blood is present.  When they can’t “see” the chemical marker they fly away!

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices:

$19.95 – Mosquito Body Guard
$19.95 – Mosquito Body Guard (Peppermint)
$16.95 – Mosquito Body Guard: Child Strength
$16.95 – Mosquito Body Guard: Child Strength (Peppermint)

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