miraflex2MiraFlex – Targeted Topical Pain Relief

MiraFlex – Plant Based Stem Cell Technology

miraFlex 1.1 Oz. Tube Convenient Travel Size Tube withA�Screw on lid to prevent leakage.

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Technical Description – The R3 version of miraFlex was formulated with the same aloe Vera and emu base with a slight bump up of menthol and methyl salicylate to deliver a little cooler sensation and more heat while providing better pain relief and anti-inflammatory action. At the same time, there are new plant based
stem cell technologies that have become available in the U.S. for use in topical applications. These technologies, while still developing in areas like inflammatory properties, provide benefits directly to the skin where applied via undesignated plant stem cells. In simple terms, when these undesignated cells interact with existing cells in your skin, they make your existing cells act younger. This is especially beneficial for use on your hands, neck, feet and knees where you want the integrity of the skin to appear as nice as it can, considering age and environmental factors.


MiraFlex R3 provides more cooling and more heat and helps condition the skin while maintaining the keys that is making miraFlex America’s favorite topical analgesic. Approved FDA Pain Relievers for Topical Analgesics in MiraFlex: menthol, capsicum resin, methyl salicylate, camphor, salix alba (willow) bark extract.

The First Topical Analgesic to Formulate Plant-Based Stem Cell Therapy. A little cooler on the skin and a little warmer on the inside with a plant based stem cell component but with the same emu oil and aloe Vera base as our popular original miraFlex. Along with being packaged in a convenient leak-proof travel size tube, that’s difference between miraFlex-R3 and other topical pain relievers.

miraflex5Loaded with potent anti-inflammatory action and powerful pain relievers formulated to penetrate better and faster, miraFlex is STILL the only FDA validated emu based topical analgesic.

MiraFlex is the only FDA validated topical analgesics with an Emu Oil base. Why is it important to be FDA validated? First, over-the-counter medications are required to meet rigorous testing requirements to assure that the finished product will perform according to high standards and that it is safe for human consumption, either orally or topically.

Next, this testing procedure is audited by the FDA on a regular basis so that consumers can safely “self-medicate” but also have the confidence that your over-the-counter purchases will perform as expected with minimal risk of adverse effects.

Last, if an over-the-counter medication makes a claim to provide a specific health benefit, i.e., relieve pain, the manufacturer is required to attach “Drug Facts” label on the container. It is far too common, particularly among
manufacturers of dietary supplements, to make claims that blur the lines between
medicine and food products. Although a specific product may provide general
overall health benefits, it may not necessarily stand the test of efficacy or
stability for any specific purpose. For example, it’s not unusual to hear of
supplements that contain glucosamine and/or condroitin claiming to stop joint
painl While those components are part of the matix that makes up connective
tissue, there is no evidence to sugguest they interrupt pain signals or calm
inflammation. Unfortunately, because of the proliferation of such practices, it’s
near impossible for the FDA or FTC to police these practices. To be safe, always
check the label. OTC medications will have a Drug Facts label and supplements
will have a Supplement Facts label.

miraflex9MiraFlex is Better for Three Reasons
1. Better Penetration
2. Plus Anti-inflammatory Action
3. Better, Faster, More Complete Relief

Topical pain relievers do not generally provide any Anti-inflammatory action. But
inflammation is the central issue in degenerative joint disease (arthritis, etc)
and injuries to joints, muscles and connective tissue. Pain is the sensation you
feel when tissue becomes inflamed and tissue will not get better while it is

So, if pain is one of your body’s response to inflammation, doesn’t it make sense
to reduce the inflammation when you need pain relief? And wouldn’t you want the
most effective pain relievers the FDA allows so that you get the most complete
relief? Those are the questions we asked. Loading miraFlex, with anti-
inflammatories and the best subcutaneous pain interrupters, is our answer.


Corporate Office
Longeva Labs
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