Milkshake & Smoothie Straws – Monster Straw (R) Brand

About The Monster Straw Company

The Monster Straw Company was started to rid the world of clogged and collapsing straws and improve drinking ease and enjoyment of frozen blended drinks! We created and introduced The World’s First Super-Wide™ Shake and Smoothie Straw, The Monster Straw® in 2002 and have been providing smooth sipping delicious enjoyment ever since! We recently introduced The Monster Bender™ in 2014 and the Monster Spoon Straw™ in 2015.

The Monster Straw Company is the predominant supplier of premium smoothie straws and accessories to ice cream, smoothie and sandwich shops, and to restaurants, fast food franchises, stadiums and golf courses. Watch for Monster Straw® Brand Shake and Smoothie Straws in retail and grocery stores soon!

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Natalie Buketov
The Monster Straw Company
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