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Merchandising Jobs – An Exciting and Creative Career Path



Merchandising Jobs – An Exciting and Creative Career Path
By Swati Kapoor

Merchandising also known as a bridge between the management (or) industry and the buyer refers to a series of activities, methods and practices followed to reach out and sell products to the retail customer. In simple words, any activity or practice to increase sales of product and initiate the retail customer to buy that product is a part of merchandising. It is a significant aspect of marketing and

merchandisers play an important role in processes starting from manufacturing to the final sale or the consumption of the product.

Although the job responsibilities of a merchandiser varies from organization to organization but the basic responsibilities like planning, keep an eye on the latest trends, working on costing, follow up for fabrics and accessories, prepare a time and action plan to ensure the

shipments on the right time remains the same.

For people who have vision for trend and eye for style, fashion merchandising job is best suited for them. The job of a fashion merchandiser involves connecting fashion with the consumers. They are expected to introduce new fashion by keeping track of the past trends and the ones in current. They should have the forecasting ability to have a vision for the future trends along with the functional needs of the consumers, analytical ability to keep a tab on the budget and good communication skills for effective marketing of goods. The job of a fashion merchandiser also requires creativity and flexibility to the ever changing world of fashion.

In order to make sure that the products manufactured by the company has demand in market, companies take a lot of pain for making it visible in stores and presenting it in an attractive fashion,this is where the job of a Visual Merchandiser (VM) comes into picture. The key responsibilities of a visual merchandiser include advertising, marketing, designing, developing and taking charge of the visual display in the stores. They are expected to create and maintain appealing presentation of the merchandise which helps in creating the demand of the product and increasing its sales. The person looking for such kind of job should be creative, innovative thinker and performs market research to find out the most attractive way to sell and promote the product.

In the whole process of merchandising store keepers and material planners (termed as the backbone of merchandising) also plays an important role. The job of a store keeper involves receiving and inspecting all incoming materials, coordinating storage of materials, supplies and equipment, maintaining the records of incoming and outgoing materials, providing material usage report etc. while on the other hand the job of a material planner requires monitoring inventory levels and coordinating with the purchase department to have adequate level of raw materials to manufacture the product. People looking for such kind of jobs must be well versed with the computer skills as they are expected to work on the inventory database to keep the updated records with them.

In today’s world of fashion, plays a vital role in setting the trends and booming the sale.

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