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McLane Co. Inc. is the do-it-all distributer that fits the needs of many businesses; mass merchants, chain restaurants, convenience stores and neighborhood drug stores. They do this by efficiently providing; grocery services, foodservice and supply chain solutions. Over time, McLane has become one of the largest distributers in the United States with 80 different distribution sites.

Starting out as a small retail grocer in 1894, McLane built its business out of Cameron, TX into a national supply chain leader. They now provide over 10 billion pounds of merchandise to customers each year and continue to do so through a trustworthy set of beliefs and values that encompass the importance of developing the relationships between your teammates, customers and shareholders.

It is important to note that part of McLane Co. Inc. success has been made through being one of the United State’s only national distributor of alcoholic beverages. Under the title of McLane Beverage Distribution, Inc. they are able to provide to any of the 50 states. Also, they provide over 50,000 consumer products to about 90,000 locations around the U.S.

McLane is a fully owned component of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and continues to employ over 20,000 people around the nation. For some more in depth information, following is a description of the responsibilities of the different business units within McLane Co. Inc.

The Business Units:

McLane FoodService

Some of McLane’s most successful business partnerships are with restaurant franchises. By using their 30 years of experience in determining the logistics of supplying mass amounts of product on a consistent level to a multitude of clients, McLane Co. Inc. has nationwide reach while maintaining a local presence.

McLane Grocery

McLane is the leading supplier for chain grocery stores. Through a higher quality of procurement of product they optimize the flow to over 45,000 retail grocery stores. McLane groceries is a good choice when looking for grocery distributors because they work with you to entice a sense of better buying, smarter selling and maximized overall profit.

McLane Alcohol Distribution

Being one of the largest Alcohol distributers in North America, McLane has a competitive advantage in this field by already having the capability of reaching any corner of the United States. For more information on this department, you should visit their website for contact information.

Third-Party Supply Chain Management

McLane Co. Inc. also offers third party solutions for retailers that already have a self-distribution model. The way the provide solutions are through negotiation on the process, however, the main aim is to be able to lower operating costs while providing you with the time to dedicate to other sectors of your business.

McLane Home Office

The brains of the operation, McLane Co. Inc.’s head office, is based in Temple, TX. This office in in charge of the maintenance of one of the nation’s largest logistics networks and assisting in each of the separate business units. This office also assists in the support of the many employers and customers of McLane Co. Inc.


McLane Company Contact Information


4747 McLane Parkway
Temple, TX 76504
(254) 771-7500
(800) 299-1401 Toll Free
(254) 771-7244 Fax


6201 NW H.K. Dodgen Loop
Temple, TX 76504
(254) 771-7500
(800) 299-1401 Toll Free
(254) 771-7020 Fax


2085 Midway Road
Carrollton, TX 75006
(888) 792-9300 Toll Free
(972) 364-2054 Fax