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What if  I told you that MATADOR gives you more longer-lasting  energy and also burns fat!

5 Flavors: Strawberry Champagne, Watermelon Champagne, Mojito, Pina Colada, Green Apple Martini

The “Smart” Energy

Your busy….working overtime, running errands, taking kids to activities…..means you don’t get a chance to hit the gym.

You need ENERGY!

MATADOR is outselling competitors 2 to 1

Convenience and Grocery Stores, jobbers, wholesalers and distributors earn 50% PLUS margins!!

50% more product than competitors for the SAME price! $2.99 suggested Retail. Wholesale $1.15-$2.00.

mojitoMATADOR is the Worlds First Functional  Fat Burning energy shot anywhere!

No Sugar! No Jitters! No Crash!

MATADOR features 5 Heart Protectants with only a quarter of the caffeine yet has the same Vitamin B profile as  other brands.

Next time you need Energy grab MATADOR and

Slay your Day!

The “Science”

This is very easy question. MATADOR contains:

1) L-Carnitine: which is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat.  It can also help accelerate the speed of fat acids splitting, increase the metabolic process, help in the protein synthesis process and also can help lower appetite.  L-Carnitine also plays a significant role in the function of the cardiovascular system by helping to regulate the function of the myocardium.

strawberry2) 2-amino 4 Methylhexane: 2-amino 4 Methylhexane is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline). Like adrenaline, 2-amino 4 Methylhexane is a powerful CNS stimulant, for added energy, increased clarity, and a boost in physical performance, especially valuable to athletes during calorie restriction or when a high level of focus is needed.

3) Heart Protectants:

A) Q-10- Anyone who is looking to supplement their diet with a powerful antioxidant, but especially  B) Quercetin- Scientists have long considered quercetin, and other flavonoids contained in fruits and vegetables important in cancer prevention. People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to have lower risk of some types of cancer. . C) TMG- Trimethylglycene was discovered to be beneficial to heart health back in the 1950s.


Matador               “Others”

Caffeine     60mg        157mg

Sugar      0mg           0mg

B6          250%        2000%

B12        80%          8333%

Protect Heart   Yes        No

Weight Loss      Yes         No

Reduce Appetite       Yes      No

Matador            “Others”

Patent Pending         Yes      No

Bottle     Aluminum     Plastic

Size      3oz       1.93oz

USA Made      Yes       ????

MATADOR is outselling competitors   2 to 1

Contact information 605-593-2160 [email protected]

Compare Matador Energy Shots to 5 hour energy, Monster and Red Bull and you will be sure to see, feel and taste the difference.


By far the best energy shot on the market today! Not only does it give you energy but it?s also good for your heart containing CoQ10. This stuff really works, bottle looks better than anything else out there, and if you like cocktail hour it tastes great with vodka or rum for your favorite mixed drink!
Kat A., Boston, MA

I have been using Matador since it first came out. I use it when I need a little energy and it works great. I do not have to drink a big energy drink to get the same amount of energy. I have given it to friends to sample and now they use it also? I do not drink coffee or soda so I was sure I would get all jittery and hit a high then a bad low, well neither one happened. I would recommend this to anyone!
David R., Piedmont, SD

Ok, so WOW that sure has a KICK to it when you drink it. I actually only had one and my professional ballroom dance partner had the other 2. He said it was a quick alert reality check, since we train so early in the AM it’s great to have a morning pick me up instantly, which this product gives you. The flavors are great, the watermelon one.
Dena Anne Weiner
Professional Fitness Model

I’m not a big energy drink person and was kind of nervous to try a Matador energy shot because I?ve tried other ones before and did not like how they made me feel or the way they tasted. I did not have a bad experience with Matador at all. I never crashed or got the jitters at all and the energy made me feel more focused. Not to mention the taste of of the Strawberry Champagne and Mojito are way better than anything out there?especially when they are cold! Can?t wait to try the new flavors when they come out!!

Contact info: 605-593-2160 

[email protected]

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