Maddox Energy Drinks

Product Description

Our Maddox product line offers 5 specially formulated creations that serve as healthy and improved alternatives to the 21st Century’s colas and energy drinks. Maddox Energy and Maddox Sugar Free Energy contain caffeine, Vitamin B, and Taurine. All Maddox products are made in Austria with fresh spring water from the Austrian Alps.

The Maddox product line includes the following:

Currently produced (launched in July 2016)

* Maddox Energy
* Maddox Energy Sugar Free

Future launch II (approximately September of 2016)

* Maddox Organic Cola Energy

Future launch III (approximately January of 2017)

* Maddox Junior Cherry
* Maddox Junior Sour Apple
* Maddox Wellness

The entire range of Maddox energy drinks encapsulate the following characteristics:

* Performance Boost
* Enhanced Senses
* Body & Health Support
* Suitable for Children (…Maddox Junior, of course!)
* Great Taste!
* Great Value!
* Great Energy!

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For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

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