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Lottery Genie is an intelligent software that takes your personal answers and mathematically relates them into unique lottery picks for your favorite games.

Lottery Genie isA�NOTA�a gambling device! A�A�We do not support problem gambling.A�

Superstition & Math.

Yes. That is it. Lottery Genie is capable of turning any of your answers into aA�mathematically related set of numbers you can use in your favorite lottery game.

We dona��t ask for much.

You can answer one of many unique questions our software will generate for you. TheseA�questions help us create your lucky numbers. No worries, we dona��t store ANY of your info.

Does it support my local lottery?

Yes it does! Lottery Genie works across the globe with all local and nationwide lotteries.A�Lottery Genie supports 3, 4, 5 & 6 digit games with bonus megaballs and powerballs.

Brilliant logistics

The Lottery Genie wholesale program is made up of a quickly growing number of c-store owners, route owners, and tier 1 distributors who distribute physical Lottery Genie boxes to countertops across the globe. Our program offers high profit margins no matter your level of distribution. Our online ordering system and delivery logistics make working with us a breeze. Lottery Genie is built to be an impulse countertop product that sells best in c-stores with lottery terminals. Learn more at our wholesale program page found below.

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