MTG-LB600 DPLoom Bandz -A� One of decade’s hottest novelties!

The Affordable Novelty 600 count Colorful LOOM BANDZ Complete Kit!!

includes 600 count bandz, 25 plastic connectors and one loom stick for $1.65 wholesale!

READY-TO-SHIP!!A� Loom Bandz is the latest in Kid Crafts with massive sales potential a�� AS SEEN ON You Tube!A�A� Ita��s an irresistible creative impulse buy thata��s IN STOCK NOW!

Ita��s REALLY here! AFFORDABLE Bandz!!!A� The latest rubber band craft-craze hitting faster than Silly Bands is now packaged as a kit in a 600 count latex and lead free colorful Bandz bag called a�?Loom Bandza�� . A�Kit Includes;A� 600 count bandz, A�25 connectors and a loom stick!A� This complete LOOM BANDZ kit is packaged for counter display selling or single units may be pegged.

The secret is out! Making woven looped bracelets and accessories does not require a loom!A� Ita��s true!

A�Awareness is high and now is the time to capitalize on this hot trend.A� Bandz are quality-made in original assorted colors a�� also perfect for refills and compatible with major selling looms.A� Loom bandz are water resistant, highly interchangeable and the world is now collecting and trading!

MTG-LB600 AssotCreative kids are making stackable bracelets, necklaces, rings, ankle bracelets and hair accessories with these unique Bandz.A� Dona��t wait!!

CALL TO ORDER TODAY!A�A� Ita��s for NOW or the stocking stuffer of the season! A�A�Also, makes a great year-round gift.

Selling quickly a�� dona��t delay!A� Sold as;

Master case 72 selling units-inner pack 3 displays of 24 pieces

Breakdown: 8 packs of multi-color and 16 solid colors (2 packs of each 8 different colors)

Single UPC on all bags: 8-58775-44501-0

Also available: (pictured below) are ready-made adjustable Loom bracelets in a clear tub 36 pieces/$0.68. A� with a master pack (12 tubs) Single UPC for assorted ready-made bracelets; 8-59998-00426-8

Contact:A�Karen Harty,A�Midwest Trading Group,A�905 S. Westwood, Addison, Il 60101

Office 630-333-1663 A�[email protected]


Note: A�All Wholesale Case and Pallet Orders include FREE SHIPPING in US