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DayQuil/NyQuil Power Wing Display

Lila�� Drug Store Products Inc. introduced a DayQuil/NyQuil Power Wing Display to maximize incremental sales during cold and flu season. The display provides a mix of tablets and liquids available in various sizes and price points to offer on-the-go value and encourage customer trade-up, according to the supplier. The products include: 12-count NyQuil LiquiCaps, 8-ounce DayQuil Liquid, 8-ounce NyQuil Liquid and a new product, DayQuil Severe Caplets, available in four- and eight-count packs.

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Lil’ Drug Store ‘Snaps’ to It

Unveils new identity for category management program for convenience retailers

CSP Daily News | May 2, 2013

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc. (LDSP), a top supplier of consumer products to the convenience retail channel, has announced a new identity for its signature category management program for convenience retailers–snap! Category Management Solutions.

snap! Solutions provides product category and data analysis for unbiased marketing intelligence to maximize retailer profits.

“snap! Solutions is based on LDSP’s decades of marketing experience in the convenience channel,” said Paul Rossberger, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We understand the c-store environment, its distinct customer base, and the limited footprints they must work within.”

The typical c-store operator is continually challenged to balance a diverse mix of products along with a “revolving door” of SKUs. Identifying the fastest movers and the slowest and making room for new SKUs while maintaining the staples consumers count on can be overwhelming tasks. With snap! Solutions, LDSP’s c-store partners benefit from customized space planning and planograms, along with unbiased retail pricing analysis and recommendations, SKU rationalization and mix analysis that make category management streamlined and effective.

“The snap! Solutions advantage for retailers is clear cut–it saves them time and money. These two elements are essential to success in any business, especially in the fast-paced c-store environment,” said Rossberger.

Retailers that team with LDSP will learn the right mix of products for their space without having to analyze data to determine trends on mix and pricing, he said.

“We do the work for them–it’s all included with the category management recommendations provided through snap! Solutions,” he added. “The data-based recommendations will improve sales and profits for the retailer, give them confidence and ultimately make them a hero.”

Convenience retailers also rely on LDSP to bring them new products that consumers are seeking. It partners with well-known, popular brands including Carmex, Ricola and most recently the Rayovac division of Spectrum Brands, making LDSP the exclusive supplier of these desired products to more than 149,000 c-store locations nationwide.

“As we continue to expand our national brand partnerships, we remain committed to giving our retail partners the most meaningful and diverse selection of on-the-go products available,” Rossberger said. “Our innovative solutions of over-the-counter medicines and personal care items, general merchandise and automotive items give retailers and consumers the advantage of the highest product quality from trusted and recognized national brands.”

Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, LDSP offers a variety of premium brands through its three divisions: Convenience Retailing, Consumer Products and International. Convenience Retailing lines include over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, personal care items, general merchandise products, automotive accessories and exclusive brands.


lds2Lila�� Drug Store Products Names Supplier of the Year

April 19, 2013

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Lila�� Drug Store Products Inc., a supplier of global consumer products, has named CCB Packaging of Hiawatha, Iowa, its 2012 a�?Supplier of the Year.a�? The award recognizes CCB for its excellence in fulfilling four critical expectations: solid cost value, exceptional product quality, outstanding customer service and strong positive impact on LDSPa��s business.

LDSP distributes 250-plus products to convenience stores, airports and hotels nationwide. Since 2009, CCB Packaginga��s 210,000-square-foot facility, located near LDSPa��s Cedar Rapids, Iowa, headquarters, has annually packaged the cartons of LDSPa��s over-the-counter pain, allergy and cold-symptom relievers. The cartons contain millions of single-, multi- and triple-product doses per year, which LDSP provides to convenience stores in conveniently sized personal-use packets. Additionally, CCB provides secondary packaging of several products within LDSPa��s Consumer Health Care products.

a�?We work with great suppliers across the world, ranging in size from large multinational companies to small family operations, and in 2012 no one surpassed CCBa��s commitment to reliably supplying the highest quality packaging and outstanding service–a commitment enhanced by the fact that they are located virtually in our own backyard,a�? said Don Chizek, LDSP vice president of operations. a�?Our company pioneered the use of convenience-sized packaging for nonprescription drug products made by some of the worlda��s most respected companies, and CCBa��s state-of-the-art packaging technology offers high speed and accuracy in assembling cartons of our products for shipment. Their quality and efficiency benefit both retailers and consumers.a�?

a�?CCB Packaging is grateful for this recognition from Lila�� Drug Store Products, which validates the long-term partnership that our companies formed four years ago,a�? said Brad Canfield, president of CCB Packaging. a�?We have invested in the most advanced robotic technology to select and assemble product cartons accurately and are proud of our contribution to LDSPa��s leadership in reliably supplying retailers in 33 countries worldwide.a�?

Both CCB and LDSP are quality leaders in their fields. CCB has numerous quality certifications, is FDA-approved for handling medical devices and food, and uses an integrated WMS Inventory Tracking System with lot-code traceability for logistics accuracy. Lila�� Drug Store Products has International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification in medical devices and quality management systems, and was a pioneer in using barcodes in its convenience-sized packaging.

a�?The capabilities of CCB Packaging are a perfect fit with our distribution strengths and product leadership, and we look forward to continued successful partnership with them as they meet our packaging needs for years to come,a�? Chizek added.

Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Lil’ Drug Store Products offers a variety of premium brands through its three divisions: Convenience Retailing, Consumer Products and International. Convenience Retailing lines include OTC drug products, personal-care items, general-merchandise products, automotive accessories and exclusive brands.

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