The Original LighterPick and the LighterPick Dugout

If you are a smoker, you owe it to yourself to check out the Original LighterPick and the LighterPick Dugout. Smokers who use LighterPick products tell us how much they enjoy the convenience it brings to their smoking experience. You might even say, it is love at first light!

The Original LighterPick was designed with the classic pipe smoker in mind. It holds a full size lighter and features a 2″ retractable pick to stir or clean your pipe. Our newest product, the LighterPick Dugout, is now available for the “roll your own” enthusiast. It holds a mini lighter and contains a retractable 2″ pick. It also features a build-in stash box and includes a one hitter cig bat.

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