Lettuce Organic Tea

About Lettuce Tea

Lettuce Tea is a unique, outside-of-the-box, and meaningful brand. It was created to be different
because, it is the only vegetable TEA line in health food stores to-date.

Lettuce leaf is said to be packed with extensive health benefits validated by the National Cancer Institute,
validated by Body & Mind medicine, validated by Dr. Oz, and validated by many trusted experts.

People in Asia, South America, even here in the US, Native American Indians use homemade Lettuce Tea
to manage anxiety, as well as depression. They drink Lettuce Tea to prevent deadly illnesses.

Prevention validated by National Cancer Institute studies. Test market shows consumers are enthusiastically
ready to embrace Lettuce Tea. Because, they come to recognize with Lettuce Tea: Health and Wellness comes Naturally.

When asked, Mr. Antoine, the president of Complex Beverage said: “This product harnesses the power of innovation, leverages its strength and anticipates making the greatest possible impact in the beverage industry. Consequently, the TREASURE HUNTERs, seeking for new and unique products, don’t have to venture far. Because The TREASURE …is found, here in the Lettuce Tea.”

Complex Beverage is confident that it has a product ready to deliver huge growth driving uptake in the RTD flavored tea market, and this is not only here in the US, but also across the globe.

Internally, The Lettuce Tea brand is simply characterized as: One-Of-Its-Kind, rare, exceptional, memorable, unprecedented, unmatched, innovative, long lasting, desirable, easy to identify, instantly recognize, adoptable, attractable, high profile and… holistic. These are the marks of a product ready for success… on a global scale.

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Tampa, FL 33637
Phone: 813-367-2366
Website: www.complexbeverage.com
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