In-Store Marketing Blitz

We have an excellent way for you to get your product into 1,000’s of Independent Convenience Stores while building the story of your brand moving it forward to major channels of distribution.

We will have our distributors bring your product and signage in to their busy c-stores.   You pick the cities and how many stores you want to Blitz.  Our distributors service these stores weekly and have an excellent working relationship with the store owners.

We will take a digital picture of your product ‘in-store’ and send it to you along with the store data and contact info in an excel spreadsheet for complete verification.  We will also put up any point of sale posters, etc. that you have to promote your brand. You can also opt for a professional Press Release featuring your company and product along with an impressive photo gallery of your product on c-store checkout counters nationwide.

When your product sells, the distributor has the option to place an opening order directly with you.  You also have the option to service the store yourself or send the data to another distributor that services that region.  You can even commission our distributors to take order and ship direct to their retailers.  We will work with you to come up with the best sales program for your product based on the feedback from your in-store Blitz.

After a successful Blitz, we would like to represent your product for a negotiated commission to push it into our master wholesalers and corporate retailers.  Start with the independents, build your story with our smaller distributors and let us take you national to the master wholesalers.