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GNM Kenyan Coffee Imports LLC was incepted and legally formed in February 15th of 2013. GNM is a small Minority woman owned corporation. The Sole founding member, Gladys Murage, is a female business entrepreneur raised in Kenya.
My parents who are still living and in their 80a��s are avid Coffee and tea farmers.Our family estate Murage Nyaga Estate is located on the Southern slopes of Mount Kenya in Karia, Ngariama,in Kirinyaga County which lies very close to the equator at about 2000 m above sea level in central Kenya, and about 120 Kilometers from, Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.


Kenyan Coffee is notable for a distinctively bright acidity and potent sweetness with a dry winy after taste. If one cups a really high quality Kenyan Coffee, it usually has an intoxicating black currant flavor and aroma.

coffee3Kenyan Coffee also has an unmistakable acidity. Perceived Acidity in coffee should not necessarily be interpreted as the lower PH scale on a litmus test. Rather acidity is the cumulative result of distinct types of acid that are present in a coffee. Coffee Board of Kenya the Kenyan Experts in coffee define it best when they say, a�?Acidity is that bright and dry taste that adds life to a coffeea�?,

Pricing on Kenyan Green beans is heavily influenced and determined by the supply and demand factors. Most Kenyan Coffee is sold through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) in an auction that happens every week on Tuesdays. Since 2006 Kenyan coffee is also sold directly by a farmer to a marketer once the coffee has been milled.



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