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Hottest New Smartphone Accessories to hit the market.  We sell vanity flip-image cases and “skins” for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Skins are peel n’stick, removable, reuseable.  We also sell flip-image luggage tags, flip-image and 3D Bookmarks and postcards.

Get more for less using 21st century technology for 21st century products.

The cases and skins are open retail stock for stores with new designs with quotes being offered each month.

Contact 605.226.1320 or [email protected]for orders and questions.

jotitYou will be WOWED by the Hottest new Smartphone Accessories to Hit the Market!  They’re called flip-image (2 designs/images in one) because if you tilt it up, you get one image; tilt it down you get another image. Absolutely stunning to see! We have designed snap-on smartphone cases with flip-image designs on the backs. No big deal you say. Well, you’re used to seeing just a one dimensional image, not a two dimensional flip-image. These products will take your breath away.  In addition to the smartphone cases, we are introducing a durable, easy to apply and easy to remove, smartphone “skin” that will fit on the back your present smartphone or case.  We have chosen the 3 most widely sold smartphones, the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 to create these outstanding products for. We’ve always got your back. Make your smartphone stand out from the crowd. Personalize your smartphone with a variety of “skins”.  Browse our products and visualize your company, school or organization’s logo and printed message on one of our spectacular lenticular smartphone cases, skins or matching lenticular luggage tag. We think of all of these products, the smartphone case, skin and luggage tag as mobile billboards. They offer 24/7 exposure.

Contact 605.226.1320 or [email protected]for orders and questions.


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