Tabllow – The only cuddly iPad pillow with a patented sound amplifier.

The only cuddly iPad pillow with a patented sound amplifier.

Tabllow is a fun, safe, ergonomically designed iPad case made especially for kids. All materials are nontoxic, and special heat-release channels make it super-safe. The combination plush-and-case design protects your child’s iPad and makes it easy for him or her to carry, hold, and play with one.

An iPad can be easily slipped into and out of Tabllow’s pouch and remains securely held while inside, with all buttons fully accessible. Tabllow’s ergonomic construction and adjustable viewing angle promote healthy posture and relieve strain to the arms, neck, and back, as does its internal counterweight, which allows Tabllow to sit upright on almost any surface. And a special protective layer of anti-radiation cloth separates the tablet from the pillow and the user.

Tabllow’s plush padding protects your child’s iPad from simple accidents, fits comfortably on a lap, bed, or sofa, and can be hung on the back of a headrest in a car or an airplane. Its patented sound magnifier amplifies an iPad’s own sound output and improves audibility. Tabllow also includes an adjustable shoulder strap and a handy zipper pocket for storing earbuds, a charger, and other accessories.

Coming soon: Look for appealing new licensed designs geared to college students and others.

Key Features
• Fits all full-size iPads, including iPad Air and 5th generation
• State-of-the art protective anti-radiation cloth that separates the iPad from the pillow
• Kid-friendly design, nontoxic materials, and a special heat-release feature
• Unique counter weighting for hands-free use on a lap, a bed, or any flat horizontal surface
• Easily mounted on the back of a car seat or an airplane headrest
• Adjustable viewing angle
• Convenient shoulder strap
• Handy zipper pocket for accessories
• Patented sound magnifier amplifies a tablet’s own sound output to enhance audibility
• Design patent pending in the U.S.; multiple utility patents worldwide

Product Dimensions
12” W x 10” H x 5” D

Product Weight
1.3 lbs. (6 pieces/carton)

Suggested Retail Price

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