Men‘s and Women’s Fabric Shoes

Ionic Epic Shoes LLC

Lifestyle, Fashion, Functionality, and Fun Footwear while leaving no FOOTPRINT!

IONIC EPIC shoes are made from only top quality and durable fabrics which are all Organic-Vegan-Biodegradable and Sustainable.

IONIC EPIC Footwear is breathable, odor resistant and easy to keep looking new!

IONIC EPIC is a Footwear Brand that is machine washable!

The IONIC EPIC Footwear that you will encounter is focused on complete daily functionality, durability and minimized weight.

The vast majority of our product offerings are roughly 10oz to 12oz in total weight!!

IONIC EPIC Footwear products are well crafted pieces that encompass an amazing natural arch support and a slip resistant outsole.

Our customers are quickly discovering that IONIC EPIC is more than a fashion option; it is rapidly becoming an all-day option that feels and looks amazing.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Wayne Watts
Ionic Epic Shoes LLC
4760 Preston Road, Ste 244-269
Frisco, TX 75034
Email [email protected]
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