Intox-Detox by Food Funktions


  • Official Sponsors of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series #32 Go Green Racing Team – Lead Driver is Legendary Bobby Labonte
  • Contains Setria L-Glutathione – Recently Featured on The Doctors TV Show
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  • Science-Based, High-Quality, All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Made in the USA
  • Be a Category Innovator – Truly Efficacious First-to-Market Ingredients Backed by Human Clinical Research
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Take Tonight for a Better Tomorrow – Tackling One of the World’s Oldest Problems with Real Science

Intox-Detox is a potent combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and clinical research. Other products try to “cover up” the after effects of drinking alcohol after the damage has already been done. Taken BEFORE drinking, Intox-Detox’s first-to-market ingredients help the body to detox, recover and protect from the harmful and unpleasant after effects of alcohol consumption. This detoxification and recovery formula contains the two components needed to breakdown the poisonous by-product of alcohol – known as Acetaldehyde:

Japanese Raisin: Intox-Detox™ provides a clinically-proven dose of Japanese Raisin, shown in human research to break down the metabolite Acetaldehyde, which is largely responsible for the painful after-effects of drinking.

Setria®: A first-to-market ingredient found only in Intox-Detox™, this patented ingredient is shown to increase Glutathione levels in people by 35%. Naturally produced in the body, Glutathione neutralizes the toxicity of Acetaldehyde,.

Green Tea and Ginseng: Support ingredients providing antioxidants suggested in preliminary research to detoxify the liver, help metabolize alcohol and lower Acetaldehyde levels when taken with alcohol.

How It Works

Acetaldehyde is a metabolite of alcohol that is actually far more toxic. The liver naturally breaks alcohol down into Acetaldehyde.  The Acetaldehyde is attacked by a liver enzyme known as Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH2), and an antioxidant produced by our body called Glutathione. Once this process is completed a nontoxic substance similar to vinegar results and safely passes from the body.

Unfortunately our bodies quickly run out of Glutathione and the enzyme (ALDH2) when larger amounts of alcohol are consumed. This causes the buildup of Acetaldehyde in the body leaving the toxin to do damage and create many of the miserable side effects. By increasing the enzyme and the Glutathione – the two materials needed by the body to metabolize Acetaldehyde, the negative effects of alcohol can be minimized.

Intox-Detox is an offical sponsor of the #32 Go Green Racing NASCAR team and Spring Break 2015 at Club La Vela.

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