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Writing Assignments

Please use each keyword 3-5 times throughout the article (shouldna��t be hard). Also I have included a few associated keywords that you can use in your article.

Create your own title, here are a few examples:

  • Top 10 *insert keyword
  • Secrets of *insert keyword
  • *insert keyword Lessons Learned
  • Testimonials of *insert keyword Distributors
Other Keywords to Use: Distributor (Supplier, DSD, Wagon-Jobber, Rack-Jobber, Distributors)


Assignment WeekA�1

Food Distribution – Distribution Channels / Wholesale Food Distributors
Grocery Distribution – Food Distributors / Wholesale Food Distributors / Independent Grocery Distributors
Snack Distribution – Food Distributors / Potato Chip Distributors / Healthy Snack Distributors / Salty Snack Distributors
Supplement Distribution – Diet Supplement / Protein Distributors
Alcohol Distribution – Beer Distributors / Wine Distributors


Assignment WeekA�2

General Merchandise Distribution – WholesaleA�General MerchandiseA�/ Wholesale Distribution
Clothing Distribution – Clothing Wholesale Distributors / Apparel Distributors / Wholesale Clothing
As Seen On TV Distribution – WholesaleAs Seen On TVA�Distributors
Automotive Accessory Distribution – Auto Accessory Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Auto Accessories
Beauty Distribution – Accessory Distributors / Makeup Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Makeup
Body Jewelry Distribution – Body Jewelry Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Jewlery


Assignment WeekA�3

Candle Distribution – Incense Distributors / Candle Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Candles
Cell Phone Distribution – Mobile Phone Distributors / Cellular Wholesale Distributors
Dollar Store Distribution – WholesaleA�Dollar Store Distributors / Dollar Store Products
Electronics Distribution -A�Electronics Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Electronics
Eyewear Distribution – Sunglasses Distributors / Reading Glasses Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Sunglasses
Fragrances Distribution – A�Wholesale Perfumes / Wholesale Cologne / Perfume Distributors


Assignment WeekA�4

Gift Store Distribution – Gift Store Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Gift
Grocery Distribution – Food and Beverage Wholesale Distributors / Food and Beverage Distributors / Wholesale Food and Beverage
Hat Distribution – Hat Wholesale Distributors / Cap Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Hats
Health Products Distribution -A�Pharmacy Distributors / WholesaleA�Drug Store Distributors
Holiday Distribution – Seasonal Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Christmas


Assignment WeekA�5

JewelryA�Distribution – Jewelry Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Jewelry
Knives Distribution / Self Defense Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Knives / Wholesale Self Defense
Leather Distribution – Leather Products / Wholesale Leather / Leather Distributors
Licensed MerchandiseA�DistributionA� – Wholesale Licensed Merchandise Distributors
LighterA�Distribution – Wholesale LighterA�Distributors


Assignment WeekA�6

Military Surplus Distribution -A�Wholesale Army Navy Distributors
NoveltyA�Distribution -A�Novelties Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale Novelties
Pet Accessory Distribution – Wholesale Pet Distributors / Wholesale Dog Toys / Wholesale Cat Toys
Smoke ProductA�Distribution – WholesaleA�Tobacco Distributors / Hemp Distribution / Smoke Shop Wholesale Distributors / Wholesale MarijuanaA�Distributors


Assignment WeekA�7

Sporting GoodsA�DistributionA�-A�Sportswear Wholesale Distributors
StationaryA�DistributionA�-A�Gift Card Distributors / Greeting Card Wholesale Distributors
ToyA�Distribution – BoardA�Game Distributors / Holiday Gift Wholesale Distributors




Introductory Paragraph: Explain what products are included in the category. Need help? (http://www.wholesaledir.com,A�http://www.wholesalecentral.com)

Body a�� First paragraph:

Body a�� Second paragraph:

Body a�� Third paragraph:

Concluding paragraph: Summarize the keywords covered in the body.



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